There are many ... 

 ‘manufactured housing communities’

‘mobile home parks’,

'lifestyle communities' and 'retirement resorts' ...

... however there are none other that will be

more desirable in Ontario than           

Oriole Park Resort, ten minutes west of London.

After 56 years in business, and in the same family, we've proven that we know what it takes, that we understand what our customers want and we can deliver! 



We are 'hands on' management, caring, hard-working, friendly and dedicated.


We offer a unique lifestyle that simply cannot be duplicated in any other park. A combination of the feeling of home ownership and adult community living ... in a resort atmosphere.


This resort has been family owned and operated for over 56 years. For as many years, it was known for its famous swimming pool (the largest in Canada), safe family camping, full entertainment program and beautiful picnic grounds.

Times changed however and so did the demand for extended stays and for an 'adult only' clientelle in an upscale resort, similar to the southern states. In order to change with this growing trend, we made a tough decision.


After years of research, we decided to concentrate our efforts on longer-term occupancy which made it necessary to close to the daily public and become a private resort. It has   proven to be a very successful move.

Our resort has developed into a family with our residents considering it 'home', maintaining the property, planting gardens, driving the community events and social gatherings such as morning brunches, poolside activities, neighborhood fish fries and huge community events with live entertainment, game shows and seasonal parties. Guests of our residents are welcome.


Ruth and Wendy in lobby of Community cen
do I think
about Oriole Park?

I have lived here for 5 years now. I could not imagine living in an apartment or house in the city where you don't know or care about your neighbours. I love my house. I love the trees, gardens, birds and the peace that comes with this fantastic setting. But most of all the people in this park are a loving,caring, fun group of people. The owners are hard working kind people and are trying very hard to make this community a 'one of a kind' place to call home.    I think it's working!!     

 Barb Provost

Ruth Hall & Wendy Nesseth