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Q: Do you have a copy of the park layout?                                                              


A: Here it is! 

Q: How can I see all the possible floor plans? Do you have pricing                   


A: These are some of the many layouts possible. These are custom built and 100% customizable. You can 'mix and match' as much as you want, taking the bedroom layout from one model and add it to the kitchen of another, from a single wide to a double wide.


Just tell us or draw us what you'd like, we'll then prepare a more formal drawing, make any changes or additions you'd like, then forward it to General Coach for pricing. The 'base prices' of each layout are included in the layouts of the single wides and double wides.  Prices include all installation and setup, home (with many options already included) on concrete pad, white insulated vinyl skirting (can be upgraded to faux brick), 12 x 20 concrete driveway, 100 sq ft custom shed to match your house, 200 sq ft p.t. deck (of your design).

A mobile home can be built as a single or a double wide or a nice 'in the middle' as a '1 1/2'.  You can build them from 12' to 28' wide, from 35' to 51' long.

If you're interested in floor plans and pricing for more single wides, please contact us.

Q: It's hard to tell from a drawing what the home might look like, how can I see more?
A: Please come to Oriole Park for a tour!  Appointments are necessary.  We have the most installed homes in the area and our residents are proud and more than happy to show your theirs.  You can also tour the General Coach plant at any time, just give us a call so we can set this up. They will be glad to let you see any of the models being built as well as any on their lot ready to ship out.  You can only see the homes 'in production' and not fully assembled, but it's an incredible interesting and valuable tour.   We would be pleased to arrange this for you anytime!

You can also visit the General Coach website. ​

Q:  How do I know what's included in the home and how much the options will be?
A: Generally speaking, the home includes everything that's attached to the wall, cupboards and cabinetry, closets, appliances, decor & drapery, entertainment centre, standard bathrooms, flooring and fixtures. Anything that is mobile, furniture, bedding etc. or upgrades to flooring is an option. Contact us for all options.  Any options are listed over and above your base price.


Q: What's the difference between a park model and mobile home?
A: The Ontario Building Code only permits a park model to be occupied for 9 months, where a mobile home can be occupied for 11 months or year round of course.  A park model or a mobile home can be a single or a double wide.  Generally a single is 540 sq ft ('45 x 12' or '42 x 13' or '39 x 14').  A double wide is simply double the floor space, usually 1,080 sq ft., but as large as 1,400 sq ft.  As well, there is a fabulous 'in between' in the 1 1/2's, essentially the same floor space as a single with a sunroom, simply any amount of space and any configuration is possible.

Q: I know it's time to downsize, but I have so many things I need to sell first.
A: Most people are in the same situation. It's a big move, but the sooner the better so that you can enjoy the lifestyle and the freedom ... as well as the financial liquidation ... that comes with this new lifestyle.  No one we've ever known has regretted this change and it's best to do at your convenience instead of in the middle of a health crisis or when it's 'too late'.  You'll still have an asset and roots, but gain the benefit of less expense, less work and much more 'travel money'!

There are hundreds of real estate agents in this area who can help you sell your existing house and you're welcome to use whoever you'd like of course. We'd like to help by recommending a realtor who understands our process and timelines, has been very successful in closing deals already and who offers a preferred rate for Oriole Park customers.      

Q: Do you have a copy of your rules and regulations?
A: We think of them as policies and procedures and not rules. We are making every attempt to provide the atmosphere of a high quality 'resort you can live in' and not one where you are too regulated to enjoy. However, there is a fine line.

It's most important that we encourage people who want the same as we do and therefore, by providing a list of our guidelines, you'll know whether this is for you or not and if so, they become common sense, easy to understand and follow.  The following is a general overview, you'll receive a 'Welcome Kit' when you move in with much more detailed information (and coupons!!).

Q: What are all the costs I need to take into account after I've purchased my new home? Rent ... utilities etc.?                                                                                

A: Costs may vary but reach out to us to understand averages.

Q: Because this is an 'adult only' resort, can our kids and grandkids still visit?
A: Absolutely! All guests must park in the parking lot. We have a controlled entrance to ensure this privacy and your security. Guests are welcome to use the swimming pool and the community centre and recreation areas at no charge as long as you are with them at all times within the resort. This will ensure that they are aware of all our policies and you will be responsible for them.

We have now received our year round zoning so don't delay if you think this is the lifestyle you've been looking for as there are simply no other resorts, like us, in the area (well, we think in the whole world!!).

In accordance with Ministry of the Environment, a copy of our Drinking Water annual report and Wastewater annual report  is available here.

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